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trauma therapy

Dr. Jem Tosh provides specialist EMDR and OEI trauma therapy regarding violence and abuse, including s*xual abuse. They work with victims of all genders and have additional expertise in working with those who have been s*xually abused by women. 

Jem also works with a wide range of trauma (e.g. abandonment, neglect, emotional abuse, etc.), and trauma responses, such as anxiety, insomnia, and reactivity. They are an affirmative and anti-oppressive therapist.


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Join our virtual monthly meetings to discuss feminist psychology, critical psychology, gender, sexuality, violence, trauma, neurodiversity, disability, and more. Includes access to our members-only area.

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online lecture

Browse our library of online lectures, covering a range of topics including: neurodiversity, gender, academic activism, and how to get published. More lectures are being added so remember to check back regularly for new content.


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