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Discourse Analysis

What is discourse analysis?

Discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary qualitative research methodology that draws on philosophy, sociology, politics, and other critical perspectives to analyse language and social meaning in texts. Texts can be written language, body language, imagery, sounds, interpersonal interactions, colours, and more. 

What is critical discursive psychology?

Critical discursive psychology uses discourse analysis in its examination of psychological and psychiatric narratives and concepts. Rather than study people or human behaviour, critical psychology turns the lens to the profession and discipline itself. It focuses on and challenges issues around power and oppression in the psy disciplines. 

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I often get asked for support and advice around completing a discourse analysis and getting it published. The problem is that a one-off conversation or reading suggestion isn't really enough to get your head around the methodology, let alone feel confident in using it. I'm currently in the process of creating a comprehensive online course, so until that is completed, here is what is currently available with me and via psygentra. 

Resources and Support


Watch our pre-recorded lectures on discourse analysis by clicking the links below. To see our full selection of online lectures, go to our Lecture Library.