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We Are Concerned About the Ongoing Intersection Between Technology and Violence

Join Dr. Jem Tosh, Author of 'No Body, No Crime? (Representations of) S*xual Violence Online', for a special event exploring virtual violence and feminist responses to it.

  • Created by a Doctor of Psychology and a survivor of s*xual abuse.

  • Live events include pre-recorded lecture and live discussion.

  • Parts 1 and 2 were held in April and May 2023.

  • Parts 3 and 4 coming in 2024.

  • Income-Based Pricing and Early Bird Rates for live events.

  • Certificates of Participation for live events.

  • Watch the lectures online afterwards.

Part 1
Dystopian Futures and Virtual R*pe
How New Technologies Revolutionise Violence

During Part 1 we explore a wide range of examples of the intersections of technology and violence. This includes discussion of deepfake and revenge p*rnography, stalking simulators, 'living dolls', and much much more. Dr. Jem Tosh goes into detail about each kind of virtual violence before going through their own research on the construction and implementation of consent in online spaces. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be aware of the wide range of technologies being used to further violence against marginalised groups.

  • Understand the different implications and impacts of these various technologies and their uses.

  • Gain confidence in discussing these forms of abuse with others and better support students, clients, and others who have experienced them.

  • Identify areas where additional security and education is required in your own work to prevent and protect against virtual violence.

  • Understand how harmful and problematic definitions of consent lead to increases in violence.