Organizational Consult

Training Materials


Book an appointment to discuss organizational issues relating to diversity and sexual conduct. Contact us to discuss current policy or procedural issues and get advice on developing best practice. Choose between one-off advice or policy analysis and procedural recommendations.

Get custom-designed training materials to support your organizational initiatives. We can design face-to-face or online evidence-based courses that communicate your policies in engaging and sensitive ways to a diverse workforce or student population. Get in touch to discuss your training needs.

Commission independent psychological research within your organization. Tailor your research to address diversity charter marks (e.g. Athena Swan; Race Equality Charter; Stonewall Workplace Equality Index). Work with us to design and carry out your research. We can help you identify issues, make improvements, and support the wellbeing of your employees and/or students. Get in touch to discuss ideas and plan your project.

Dr. Lucy Thompson

Lucy is a doctor of psychology with specialisms in applied organizational research. She has worked with universities and government agencies in the UK to investigate diversity issues and make recommendations for best practice. Lucy has developed a model for organizational research that listens to people within organizational contexts. This model values the role of first-hand experiences in promoting organizational change.

Lucy can help answer questions like ‘What does our organizational culture look like?’, ‘How can we do better at diversity work?’, ‘Who isn’t being heard in our organization, and how can we listen to them?’, and ‘How can we take care of people in our organization?’