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*NEW DATE* Oct 22, 2024 - 10.15am PST on Zoom

How To Write Your First Book and Get It Published

with Dr. Jem Tosh


Publisher, Editor, and Award-Winning Author of three books and over 40 academic publications


  • 2-hour session with a visually engaging recorded lecture and live discussion

  • Small group size for you to ask questions and get personalised advice

  • Discount code for one-to-one consultations after the session

  • Certificate of Participation

In this online workshop, Dr. Jem Tosh guides you through the process of writing your first academic monograph, from coming up with the idea for the book through to marketing it after publication. They take you through each step of the book proposal and provide advice and guidance on things that can get in the way of your writing goal - like imposter syndrome and fear of criticism.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Develop and refine your book idea and/or proposal

  • Prepare a plan that recognises potential barriers to writing and publication, and solutions for working around them or through them.

  • Practice and prepare communications to potential editors and promoters.

  • Get advice and guidance on who to approach and when.

  • Publishing opportunities via Psygentra.

Who Is The Workshop For?

  • Academics and researchers who want to pursue writing a book, or are looking for more guidance as they prepare their book proposal.

  • Students and early career scholars who are interested in publishing their thesis or other written work.

  • Those who want to write a book but fear of criticism or imposter syndrome stands in their way.

  • Writers with busy workloads and little time to commit to their book projects.

  • Chronically ill and disabled writers who need to incorporate fatigue and flare ups into their planning.

  • Marginalised writers and activists who fear hostility writing about politicised topics.

  • Folks who have experienced emotional abuse/trauma, or bullying (personal or in the workplace), that has resulted in having little confidence in their work.

  • Those who avoid writing a book because they struggle with a fear of success.


Dr. Jem Tosh

Jem is a Doctor of Psychology, the Editor for Psygentra Publishing, and the author of over 40 publications. They are the author of Perverse Psychology (2014), Psychology and Gender Dysphoria: Feminist and Transgender Perspectives (2016), and The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture (2020). They are currently working on the second edition of Perverse Psychology, due to be published in 2024.


Krista Carson

Krista has a Masters degree in Creative and Critical Writing and is currently completing a PhD on the relationship between walking, creative writing, and the concept and experience of 'flow'. She is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the School of Language and Liberal Studies at Fanshawe College, where she teaches a variety of courses including writing, communications, and humanities and social sciences. Krista is also a coordinator of Psygentra's Reading and Research Group and Co-Chair of the Centre for Writing and Publishing.

We believe in empowering marginalised writers and providing support and opportunities to those new to creative and academic publishing.

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