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Dr. Jemma Tosh (she/they)

Jemma is a doctor of psychology, a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, and a member of the UK Higher Education Academy. She specialises in the psychology of gender and trauma, particularly the intersections of gender identity and sexuality in experiences of sexual violence. She has published several books on these topics including: Perverse Psychology (2014), Psychology and Gender Dysphoria: Feminist and Transgender Perspectives (2016) and, The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture (2020). She was awarded the Psychology of Women & Equalities Section (POWES) Postgraduate Prize for her PhD research on sexual abuse, and in 2020 she received a Research Award from the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) for her published work regarding trans youth.

Dr. Lucy Thompson (she/her)

Lucy is a scholar and an activist based in Lansing, Michigan. She has worked in higher education in the UK for almost a decade, specialising in gender, work, and organisations. Prior to her move to the US, she was a senior lecturer in critical psychology at Leeds Beckett University, where she carried out research and action projects on diversity, inclusion, and organisational change. 

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Sarnia, Canada

...despite her status as an internationally renowned author and scholar, when I reached out to Dr. Tosh to say how much I appreciated her work, what I found was a warm, compassionate, and approachable person, who goes above and beyond to support ALL women.



Manchester, UK

Jemma helped to give me desperately needed confidence in my work, and light a passion for the more creative and social side of psychology. She became, and remains, a bit of a role model to me, and it was simply a privilege to meet her.



London, UK

Jemma Tosh went beyond her remit to give me an excellent education: a fearless woman who doesn't back down from bullies; showed me my own worth and didn't allow me to believe there are limits on what I'm capable of. An actual role model who truly changed my world...