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Social Enterprise

We believe in the power of private companies to work toward social justice and social change. Our work holds those values at its core - from education and consultation, to community-based work and activism. If it's not helping, we're not doing it. 


At Psygentra we see the value in difference and diversity - we embrace it and support it. We work towards the depathologization of gender and sexual diversity, while at the same time, acknowledging people's emotional distress and mental wellbeing.


We work towards social change, and in doing so, engage with local and national campaigns for equality and against all forms of violence.



Our work is intersectional and recognises the multiple interconnected systems of privilege and oppression that shape our lives and identities.

Slow Scholarship

Psygentra promotes slow scholarship. It's about aiming for excellence every time. We want the best work, not the quickest.



We recognize that anti-oppressive work requires constantly learning and unlearning and we commit to this process. Sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia are not tolerated at Psygentra. 


Blue and Pink Butterflies
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