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Virtual Consultation to Discuss Clincial Work/Cases


If you are looking for information or guidance on working with transgender or nonbinary clients, you can book a clinical consultation with Dr. Jem Tosh. Jem is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and has researched issues regarding transgender and nonbinary people for over a decade. She has published several books on the topic, in addition to numerous book chapters, articles, and commentaries. She is also nonbinary (genderfluid), meaning that she can draw on her expertise both as a doctor of psychology as well as her lived experience as a member of this community.

Jem can provide advice and information regarding the psychology of trans and nonbinary genders, mental health, the 'do's and don'ts' of working with gender diverse clients, and specific things to consider when working with survivors of abuse who are trans or nonbinary. She can discuss issues around gender dysphoria and embodiment, but she is not a medical doctor and therefore cannot speak about surgeries or hormonal interventions other than in relation to their impacts on the individual's mental wellbeing. 

Dr. Jem Tosh provides information based on her expertise in research, enabling you to make clinical decisions regarding your client. She does not tell you how to work with a client or what interventions you should use. Instead she provides you with additional information and answers questions you may have, so that you can make informed and inclusive decisions and make your work more welcoming and supportive of trans and nonbinary people. 


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Standard Rate: For average/high and secure income - $90.00/hour 

Clinical Consultation (Standard Rate)