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This Self-Care Workbook for survivors is to be used alongside our upcoming online courses, but can also be a useful stand-alone resource for anyone who has experienced trauma. It provides over 50 pages of information and reflective activites around coping with overwhelming and triggering responses, written from the perspective of a doctor of psychology and a survivor of sexual abuse. Ideal for those working with or studying potentially triggering or emotive content.


We aimed to provide a resource that we would have found useful when beginning our studies into sexual abuse and violence. It is designed to be a unique resource for each individual with spaces for personal reflection as well as self care plans that can be returned to when needed.


It is written in a gender-inclusive and non-pathologising way, and is the first of a three part series of workbooks on self-care and healing from trauma produced by our Self-Care Academy.

Self-Care Workbook for Survivors Part I: My Self-Care Plan