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We offer professionals clinical and research consultations with Dr. Jem Tosh, and organizations can book consultations with Dr. Lucy Thompson. All consultations are on a case-by-case basis and dependent on availability. Due to COVID-19, all consultations are conducted virtually.

Dr. Jem Tosh

Areas of Expertise:

Sexual Abuse

Gender Diversity

Qualitative Research

Getting Published


Dr. Lucy Thompson

Areas of Expertise:

Organizational Change

Institutional Trauma

Diversity & Inclusion

Feminist Research

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Clinical Consultations

If you are looking for information or guidance on working with transgender or nonbinary clients, you can book a clinical consultation with Dr. Jem Tosh. Jem is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and has researched issues regarding transgender and nonbinary people for over a decade. She has published several books on the topic, in addition to numerous book chapters, articles, and commentaries. She is also nonbinary (genderfluid), meaning that she can draw on her expertise both as a doctor of psychology as well as her lived experience as a member of this community.

Jem can provide advice and information regarding the psychology of trans and nonbinary genders, mental health, the 'do's and don'ts' of working with gender diverse clients, and specific things to consider when working with survivors of abuse who are trans or nonbinary. She can discuss issues around gender dysphoria and embodiment, but she is not a medical doctor and therefore cannot speak about surgeries or hormonal interventions other than in relation to their impacts on the individual's mental wellbeing. 

Dr. Jem Tosh provides information based on her expertise in research, enabling you to make clinical decisions regarding your client. She does not tell you how to work with a client or what interventions you should use. Instead she provides you with additional information and answers questions you may have, so that you can make informed and inclusive decisions and make your work more welcoming and supportive of trans and nonbinary people. 

Research Consultations

If you would like to talk to Dr. Jem Tosh about research that you are working on, or plan to work on in the future, you can book a research consultation. Dr. Jem Tosh is an expert in the topics of psychology, gender, sexuality, trauma, violence, and abuse. If you are looking for help when writing about transgender and nonbinary people, or making sure that your writing and research about sexual abuse is gender inclusive - you've come to the right place. 

Dr. Jem Tosh can also help you with planning or completing a qualitative research project - particularly one that uses discourse analysis, intersectionality, is interdisciplinary, or draws on critical perspectives. She is experienced in collecting and analysing material from interviews, surveys, and focus groups, and her specialism is the analysis of archival material (both historical documents and contemporary texts such as online material and media texts). She will not tell you how to design or complete your project, but will answer questions and provide information based on her experience and expertise of research and publishing so that you can make informed decisions about how to move forward. 

If you have questions around getting published or are thinking about writing your first book, these are also areas that Dr. Jem Tosh can speak about and provide advice and guidance on. If your project is ongoing, or you would like regular support, you can book multiple consultations in advance (and at a reduced rate). If you are looking for someone to join your PhD Supervisory team, please check out the PhD Supervision page for more information. 


$90.00/hour standard rate for those with average/high and secure income

$60.00/hour for those with low/insecure income

Limited free spaces available for those experiencing financial hardship who would otherwise be unable to access such services

Reduced rates available for those wanting to book multiple sessions in advance (contact Dr. Jem Tosh for more information)

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation fees for rescheduled appointments due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. physical or mental health). For appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (and not rescheduled) a one-time fee of $30.00 is charged to reimburse us for the labour in preparing for the appointment. 


Payment can be made via bank transfer (including e-transfer) or through our online shop.

Late Fees

Late fees for non-payment start 30 days after the date of your appointment. The late fee is 15% per month. For example, if $100.00 was owed and unpaid after 30 days, $115.00 would be owed. If it remains unpaid after two months, this would increase to $130.00 and so on. This is to ensure that we are reimbursed for our labour. If you are struggling to pay your invoice, contact us as soon as possible to arrange a payment schedule that fits your current situation.


The content of consultations will remain confidential between Dr. Jem Tosh and the client, except in situations where there is a threat of harm to self or others, or as required by court. General discussions may also occur between Dr. Jem Tosh and professional colleagues or supervisors as is standard in the profession, but no specifics regarding a client's identity will be revealed. No photographs (i.e. screenshots) or recordings will be taken by Dr. Jem Tosh, and clients are not to take any photographs or recordings without prior written consent from Dr. Jem Tosh. 

Risks and Limitations

There are few risks associated with a consultation, unless discussing a difficult case or topic in which case you could become distressed due to vicarious trauma. In booking a consultation, it is assumed that you accept this risk and that you are familiar with discussing difficult cases/topics as a part of your work. The limitations of consultation are that it provides only guidance based on research, it acknowledges the diversity of that research base, and cannot promise to solve all problems much like therapy cannot guarantee to heal all trauma. In booking a consultation, it is assumed that you accept that this consultation will provide you with information based on Dr. Jem Tosh's experience and expertise, that you consider her expertise appropriate for your query, that there are different perspectives available, and that it is ultimately your decision on whether or not to use the information Dr. Jem Tosh gives you.

To book your consultation, fill in the form below and Dr. Jem Tosh will be in touch to schedule your appointment

Organizational Consultations

Book an appointment with Dr. Lucy Thompson to discuss organizational issues relating to diversity and sexual conduct. Contact us to discuss current policy or procedural issues and get advice on developing best practice. Choose between one-off advice or policy analysis and procedural recommendations.

Get custom-designed training materials to support your organizational initiatives. We can design face-to-face or online evidence-based courses that communicate your policies in engaging and sensitive ways to a diverse workforce or student population. Get in touch to discuss your training needs.

Commission independent psychological research within your organization. Tailor your research to address diversity charter marks (e.g. Athena Swan; Race Equality Charter; Stonewall Workplace Equality Index). Work with us to design and carry out your research. We can help you identify issues, make improvements, and support the wellbeing of your employees and/or students. Get in touch to discuss ideas and plan your project.

Contact Lucy for more information or to book your consultation

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