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Research Group

Join our virtual monthly meetings to learn and discuss feminist psychology, critical psychology, gender, sexuality, violence, trauma, neurodiversity, disability, and more! 

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Tue January 9, 2024

10am PST on Zoom

Slow Scholarship


We're starting the year by countering the New Year's Resolutions of doing more by talking about the benefits and joy of doing less. We continue our conversations of ableism and burnout in academia by embracing slowing down our academic work.

This session will also include some birthday celebrations!

Organised by Dr. Jem Tosh

Tue February 6, 2024

10am PST on Zoom



To continue (and counter) our conversation last month, we will be exploring the benefits and limits of working intensely and for long periods in a hyper focus or flow state. We will discuss how current rigid work environments don't allow for flowing between slow scholarship and hyperfocus.

Organised by Dr. Jem Tosh

Tue March  5, 2024

10am PST on Zoom

Therapeutic R*pe Culture

Author Q&A with Dr. Jem Tosh

Join us as we talk about my latest book, The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture (Tosh, 2020). This is your chance to ask questions, further your understanding, and discuss the topic at length with the author.

The book is a critical and feminist analysis of violence and psychology, and includes experiences and perspectives from cisgender and transgender men and women, as well as nonbinary and intersex people.

This session includes a Certificate of Participation.



When I was a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University I coordinated the Feminist Reading and Research Group and delivered several seminars at the Discourse Unit. They are spaces for students and faculty to meet regularly and discuss critical psychology and discourse analysis, as well as feminist theory and research.


They offer more than that though, they are spaces and communities that provide education, mentorship, encouragement, and feedback. They broaden ideas and concepts and take individual postgraduate students out of isolated independent study and into a group of fellow academics and activists who share a similar passion for critical and feminist research.


They offer a similar connection for longstanding academics, too often buried under marking and admin to have protected time for open discussion or reading. Faculty can lack regular support for writing commitments and publishing aspirations.


For those early on in their academic or publishing career, these spaces offer opportunities to get advice from others with more experience. For people who are self-taught or doing their own self-directed study, it can provide a group to learn from, provide your own insights to, and bounce ideas off. 

I've found over time that others (and myself) missed having access to that kind of space once we had moved on from our studies. We missed having somewhere to share our frustration or difficulties working in anti-feminist or sexist environments, or to seek feedback on a draft paper in a compassionate and supportive setting.


Most often it was somewhere to learn and educate - a non-hierarchical group where people could bring papers or concepts that they were struggling to understand and they could either learn together as a group, or others could share their knowledge. 

So I decided to pick up my coordinator hat once again and create a space here at psygentra - one where folks can learn about critical psychology, qualitative research, feminism(s), and feminist psychology. Somewhere they can discover new work and theories, recommend readings they love or can't stand, get advice and feedback on projects they are working on, and connect with others. 

- jem

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  • Available Online

    A friendly and supportive space to discuss readings and ask questions.

    15 Canadian dollars
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While the focus of the group is reading, other formats are included too - such as movies or documentaries to watch, or podcast episodes for you to listen to.

Looking for discourse analysis?

also known as Dr. Jemma Tosh (deadname)

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