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This is where we will be uploading our lectures, and invited talks available for purchase individually. Some of these will be included in the Psygentra Learner Subscription, so if you're a subscriber remember to check there first!

Dr. Jem Tosh provides advice and guidance on getting your academic monograph published. From coming up with an initial idea, writing a book proposal, to book promotion - Jem covers the steps along the way. She describes the method she uses when publishing her own books - that has led to her never having a book proposal rejected. (28 mins)

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Dr. Jem Tosh's invited presentation for Western University. They talk about the role of publishing in activism and how to incorporate activism into your academic work. Jem draws on their own experiences of activist interventions that have been a central focus of their research and publishing career (45 mins).


Dr. Jem Tosh's invited presentation for Manchester Metropolitan University. They talk about the history of pathologisation of autistic and trans people, as well as harmful therapeutic treatments (17+ mins).

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