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I offer students, academics, and professionals research consultations with Dr. Jem Tosh, and organizations can book consultations with Dr. Lucy Thompson. All consultations are on a case-by-case basis and dependent on availability. 

Dr. Jem Tosh

Areas of Expertise:

Sexual Abuse

Gender Diversity

Qualitative Research

Getting Published

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Research Consultations

I can help with:

If you would like to talk to Dr. Jem Tosh about research that you are working on, or plan to work on in the future, you can book a research consultation. Dr. Jem Tosh is an expert in the topics of psychology, gender, sexuality, trauma, violence, and abuse. If you are looking for help when writing about transgender and nonbinary people, or making sure that your writing and research about sexual abuse is gender inclusive - you've come to the right place. 

Dr. Jem Tosh can also help you with planning or completing a qualitative research project - particularly one that uses discourse analysis, intersectionality, is interdisciplinary, or draws on critical perspectives. She is experienced in collecting and analysing material from interviews, surveys, and focus groups, and her specialism is the analysis of archival material (both historical documents and contemporary texts such as online material and media texts). She will not tell you how to design or complete your project, but will answer questions and provide information based on her experience and expertise of research and publishing so that you can make informed decisions about how to move forward. 

If you have questions around getting published or are thinking about writing your first book, these are also areas that Dr. Jem Tosh can speak about and provide advice and guidance on. If your project is ongoing, or you would like regular support, you can book multiple consultations in advance (and at a reduced rate). If you are looking for someone to join your PhD Supervisory team, please check out the PhD Supervision page for more information. 

Book a consultation now or choose one of our pricing plans for a discount.

Virtual consultations take place on Zoom and in-person consultations are available in downtown Langley, BC.

also known as Dr. Jemma Tosh (deadname)

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