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Virtual Therapy

How to prepare for your online clinical counselling 

Headset and Keyboard

EMDR is just as effective when delivered online as it is in-person.


To make the most of your sessions, you may want to spend a little time beforehand making sure that your space is comfortable and that your equipment is set up and ready to go. Here is our advice for attending virtual therapy sessions:


  • Please make sure that you have privacy during your session and that no one else is with you. 

  • We recommend using corded headphones with a microphone connected to your device for the call.

  • Try to find a spot with a strong and reliable WIFI connection, or use a computer directly connected to the Internet through an ethernet cable.

  • Desktop computers and laptops are better suited to online therapy, but if you are using a phone or tablet, please set it up so that you don't have to hold the device for the duration of the session. Please also turn on the do not disturb feature to prevent interruptions.

  • Soft materials increase soundproofing. If you are worried about being heard in your home, add some blankets or cushions around the room/walls. Play a song on your device and stand outside the door or in the next room to test what might be heard by others. Please note that because we cannot control the location of the therapy, complete privacy is not guaranteed in virtual therapy.

  • Technology can be unreliable no matter how much we prepare. If we lose contact during a session, I will try three times to reconnect with you. If I cannot reconnect, I will email you to conclude the session and reschedule. If you are holding on to some difficult emotions, you can use the calming techniques we talk about at the beginning of our counselling or use our Resources section, and send any private or confidential information to from a ProtonMail account.

  • We also recommend making your counselling space comfortable and comforting. Before a session, gather the things that make you feel safe and comfortable, like soft items, a cuddly toy, tissues, a glass of water, and so on. 

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