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A critical, interdisciplinary, and qualitative journal dedicated to research, art, and writing that broadly examines the complex intersections between psychology, gender, and trauma.

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JPGT publishes on a rolling basis, when individual submissions have been through our publishing process. A new volume is started for each section when a maximum of three submissions have been completed. This means that we can have multiple issues in progress simultaneously, which reduces the pressure on editors and authors to produce articles and issues quickly, and removes the need for rigid deadlines. JPGT embraces slow scholarship, allowing authors to take their time over their work in a low-stress environment with support from our editorial team. This forms part of our work in dismantling harmful 'norms' in academia and publishing. 

Vol. 2 Publication Submission Status:

Articles: CLOSED (Vol. 1 Open)

Commentaries: CLOSED (Vol. 1 Open)

Book Reviews: CLOSED (Vol. 1 Open)

Creative Works: OPEN

Creative Works

Dr. A. Edwards


pp. CR1 - CR2

Content Warning: Childhood S*xual Abuse

I hear a child screaming

inside my head

and it's me.

A relentless remembering of sedated words.

A limp body lying on a child's bed

heavy like dead weight

but light enough to float...

Krista Carson


pp. CR3 - CR4

My bias-dress was absinthian, the back just low enough. I'd last worn it ages ago - the wedding of a couple now long divorced. My youngest insisted on formal attire for her tea party. Voilà.

I thought about changing as I wiped sticky drips from the floor. But the dress felt so fine. It still fit the same, though now the silk caught on stubble on my unshaven legs. Pausing, worlds away, I touched the marvelous fabric.

I nudged couch cushions with a knee, then smeared thick, white sunscreen on a little face while making a mental note of the sunscreen's expiration date...

also known as Dr. Jemma Tosh (deadname)

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