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Information and education about psychology, gender, and trauma.

Advice and reflections on writing, research, and life in academia. 

Posts written by Dr. Jem Tosh and Dr. Lucy Thompson. 

Check Out Our New Instagram Account

A white mug that reads 'I think therefore I am... a feminist'. There are books, a pink painting, and a small plant in the background.

Okay, we haven't been the most consistent or active on social media - but with good reason! We hate Facebook.

The other really good reason, is that doing the kind of work that we do and being who we are, we are more likely to experience abuse and hostility online. It's not a nice reality, but it's the reality we have to deal with.

We don't like Facebook for many reasons, but the main one is that we don't find it very user-friendly and when running a public/business page, it doesn't provide us with the options that we prefer to create a safe space to engage with others and share information.

we are more likely to experience abuse and hostility online

We do, however, quite like Instagram. And we discovered that when we use a platform that we actually like, with supports in place to reduce the risk of online harassment, we use it more often. Not all that surprising, really.

So, we've set up a lovely psygentra Instagram account that is private - meaning that you need to request to follow and not everyone can see what we post or what you comment. This is one of our work and social media boundaries, to make the kind of emotive and stressful work that we do more manageable, and to reduce the need for moderation (because let's face it, that can be a full time job in itself and we're an extremely small business...).

What can you expect on our lovely new social media space?

  1. We have informative posts on psychology (critical psychology, queer psychology, feminist psychology and more...)

  2. Information and education on gender (e.g. gender identity, gender dysphoria, how to be more gender inclusive) and sexuality (e.g. different sexualities and relationship structures)

  3. We talk about what trauma is and ways to heal

  4. Our content centres intersectionality and issues of discrimination, oppression, violence, and abuse

  5. We produce content on qualitative methodology and how to analyse a range of material

  6. You'll see behind the scenes info on what we are working on and things that are in progress

  7. We'll let you know about our publications - past, new, and those in the works

  8. We'll be sharing mini media analyses of tv shows, films, books - anything related to psychology, gender, and trauma

  9. We post information and discussions about concepts from our Self-Care Academy (like setting boundaries and red flags to look out for)

  10. And there is more information about who we are and what we do

So if you like the sound of that, or you like what we do more generally, follow us on Instagram and recommend us to your friends and colleagues if you think they would like us too. We're a small business and space by design, and our account is private and new, so help us grow!

A screenshot of an instagram profile shows 9 squares of images. These include pictures of books, a mug, a drawing of Dr. Jem Tosh, and posts about feminist and critical psychology.

...recommend us to your friends and colleagues if you think they would like us too.

----> psygentra stands against transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, racism, sexism, classism, and ableism - and the same goes for our Instagram account. We block hate.


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also known as Dr. Jemma Tosh (deadname)


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