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ICYMI - A Summary of the Live Book Launch for #MeToo

by Dr. Jem Tosh

Last week the new edited collection #MeToo: Counsellors and Psychotherapists Speak about Sexual Violence and Abuse was published. It includes my chapter, 'Sexual Abuse and Surviving with(in) Psychology', which is a personal reflection on how growing up as a queer* and genderfluid** survivor in Northern Ireland influenced my career in psychology. It talks about the intersections between homophobia, transphobia, and sexual abuse - and has a conversation section where I talk about sexual abuse and intersectionality with my life-long friend, Fionnuala Dempsey.

The in-person book launch was transformed into a live online Twitter celebration due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidance - which meant that I could attend despite being in a different country from most of the contributing authors.

The launch was on May 14th 2020 on Twitter, but here is a summary of my contribution and check out @jmtosh and the hashtag #metoocounselling for more content.

About the chapter

'Behind the scenes'



Want to hear more about my new chapter?

Find out why I wanted to talk about my personal experiences in my academic work and how I survived psychology here.


Book Contents

1: Retribution - Seb Randall, with Celia Urbach

2: ‘Survivors are everywhere’: our #MeToo, #WeToo journey - Kaur with Deborah A Lee

3: Lighthouses, rocky shores and safe harbours - Concetta Perôt with Clarinda Cuppage 

4: How we talk to girls about ‘sex’ - Taylor Broughton with Sarah J Wilson

5: Sexual abuse and surviving with(in) psychology - Jemma Tosh with Fionnuala Dempsey

6: Therapists’ lived experience in counselling and psychotherapy training - Liz Smith & SaraTeresa Mollis

7: Survivors of sexual violence training as psychotherapists in the UK - Deborah A Lee with Peggy, Sam and Phoenix.

8: #MeToo on the internet - Tara Shennan with Haley Clifford

9: Reconnection through dance movement psychotherapy - Amanda Light with Tina Johnson.

10: Shattering th