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But why can't I just access this information for free?

Did you know that nonbinary people experience multiple barriers to secure income and employment? Did you know that we are more likely to be unable to cover the costs of our basic needs?

Accessing secure employment can be difficult for survivors of violence and abuse too, particularly if their trauma resulted in chronic pain, illness, or disability.


This is the case even if we are highly educated, fully qualified, or well trained. We can experience discrimination, harassment, and violence in the workplace. That's why psygentra exists. At psygentra we believe in a workplace that not only embraces nonbinary folks and survivors but celebrates them.


We also have a tendency to be unpaid for our labour, particularly when educating folks about our experiences and in academic spaces where many people are expected to do unpaid research, writing, and admin. We believe in the importance of paying marginalised folks for their labour.


Want to help and learn more about psychology, gender, and trauma from a queer and nonbinary academic and author? Want to support a survivor in calling out r*pe culture in psychology?


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