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Not sure how to add trans voices to your work? Worried you've already got it wrong? I outline common mistakes and how to avoid them.



As I was researching a new book chapter I was recommended an article written by someone I had met at a conference, whose work I had found useful and cited fairly frequently. They had decided to wander into the polarised and hostile territory of studying trans folks in psychology, and unfortunately, they hadn't done it very well. Only covering debates and discussions from the last five years, the conclusions were based on very partial and incomplete information. It would be like me writing a piece assuming that sexual violence had only existed for five years and that rape crisis centres and other interventions were 'new'. If an undergraduate student had submitted it as an essay, I would have failed them outright. But there it was, published in an academic journal, and peer reviewed to boot.

6 Mistakes Academics Make When Writing About Trans People (Download)

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